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Search Engine Marketing
(SEM, and of course... SEO)

Google ads are an integral part of the advertising ecosystem, depending on each particular case, clearly investigated and carefully studied, it can be part of the range of solutions that drive your business towards better results

At Simio Digital we recommend the use of Google solutions to obtain customers and simplify the user experience when interacting with your brand.

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What do we do with Google?

Types of campaigns

Google search.This solution allows when someone searches Google for your product or service to appear on the first pages of results. The search campaigns They are an excellent way to generate clients that They are researching or considering consuming products or services like yours.

We place you in the first positions of Google.


Display. These solutions are banners distributed on internet sites that allow you to expose your brand to potential customers in a segmented manner and with a much cheaper delivery cost Like search campaigns, display campaigns work very well as options for brand recognition, above all, knowing your competitors, reach those customers who might consider you as another alternative.


Youtube. Have you seen the ads that come out? beginning and during a Youtube video? Exactly, those can be your ads, videos that transmit your brand, where you have 5 seconds to pitch a great value proposition and take your potential client to the website, where you can show them the most appropriate message to convince them.


Google Shopping. Google Shopping campaigns are ideal for e-commerce. Those cards with product, price and description can appear in searches for products like yours, in this way you will appear in the panorama.


Google My Business. This solution allows you to provide more information to customers when they search for or want to go to your business, whether you participate or not, the community and Google could register your business on the map, what's more, you might not be aware that you exist and also have very good reviews documented by your clients.

Take control of this space by providing your magic touch and allow them to find your business.


Search Console. We all want to position our brand organically in Google searches. This tool is directly connected to Google's search systems, allowing us to understand which pages perform well in both search and usability performance. We work on search ranking improvement (SEO) by connecting this tool.


Google Analytics. collect data It is extremely important for decision making, through this platform to be able to measure, analyze and understand in greater detail the people who are interacting with your brand to improve segmentations, budgets, ad placements, among some examples. 

Search Engine Optimization

Hand in hand with the task of generating publicity in search engines, we cannot leave aside the search engine optimization. These types of site adjustments and improvements help lower the cost of clicks in auctions. This consequence is reflected in a lower cost per lead or CPL, therefore a more efficient advertising investment.
Explaining in a very simplified way how it works is:
QS1 * (bid $$.11) = XX.11     Position 1
QS2 * (bid $$.10) = XX.10     Position 2
QS3 * (bid $$.09) = XX.09     Position 3
if you have a quality score (QS) better, you will achieve a higher position in search results with a lower bid money than the competitor who has a lower QS than yours.
This optimization is only done in the start time of your campaigns to be efficient, if you require constant SEO work, we will gladly help you, we will create a continuous improvement plan that is adjust to your budget(remembering that to carry out SEO specialties such as content generation, HTML codes, technology of your website and web design intervene). 

by Simio Digital

Search Engine Optimization

Continuous improvement cycle

  1. To plan:

    • Setting measurable objectives and an analysis of the current situation is basic to set a starting point. Once the analysis is done, action plans are proposed to obtain the desired objectives.we reach.

  2. Do:

    • Action plans are executed so that they are a systematic part of the daily operation.

  3. Check:

    • The variable to be improved is re-measured, based on the results obtained if necessary.

  4. Actuate:

    • We feed back our hypotheses, analyze the output variables and return to action.sound.

Search KPIs

The constant comparison against competitors makes us a competitive agency in search of the maximum possible efficiency. We manage your resources responsibly as if they were ours.


We not only focus empirically in the execution of our advertising campaigns. The Simio Digital team works hard and keeps updated to achieve the best results.

The good results come from additional efforts to the minimum required, proof of this is the constant re-training and obtaining certifications necessary to demonstrate our mastery in the matter. 

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