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Advertising on Linkedin

LinkedIn is a platform specifically designed to connect professionals from all over the world and is therefore a powerful tool for companies looking to reach a B2B audience. 

Here are some key aspects of how LinkedIn works:

  1. User Profile: Every LinkedIn user has a profile that includes detailed information about their education, work experience, skills, and achievements. Users can personalize their profile and add additional information to highlight their skills and experience.

  2. Connections: Users can connect with other professionals in their field and expand their network of contacts on LinkedIn. Connections can be colleagues, classmates, hiring managers, mentors, and other relevant contacts.

  3. Posts and News: Users can post content to LinkedIn, such as articles, status updates, and comments. They can also follow companies and individuals to stay up to date on the latest news and relevant information in their industry.

  4. Job Search: LinkedIn is a popular job search tool. Users can search for job postings by location, industry, and other criteria, and apply directly to companies through the platform.

  5. LinkedIn Groups: Users can join LinkedIn Groups to connect with other professionals in their field, discuss relevant topics, and establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry.

LinkedIn can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to connect with professionals and increase their reach online. By creating relevant and useful content, engaging with followers and group members, and using paid advertising options, businesses can make the most of this platform to achieve their marketing goals.

Content strategy for LinkedIn

A LinkedIn content strategy is a plan for posting relevant and valuable content on the platform with the goal of increasing visibility and audience engagement. 


Here are some key steps you can take when creating a content strategy on LinkedIn:

  1. Define the objectives:The first thing you need to do is define the goals you want to achieve with your content strategy. Do you want to increase the visibility of your personal or company profile? Do you want to generate more leads or increase the participation of your audience? Having clear objectives will help you focus your content efforts and measure the success of your strategy.

  2. Know your audience:The key to creating effective content is knowing your audience well. Research their demographic profile, their interests and needs to understand what kind of content they find useful and valuable. This will allow you to create content that resonates with them and increase the chance that they will engage with your posts.

  3. Identify relevant issues:Once you understand your audience, it's time to identify relevant topics that may interest them. Research the trends in your industry, the questions people often ask, and the topics that generate the most interest from your audience. Use this information to create content that addresses these topics.

  4. Create quality content:Create quality and relevant content for your audience. It can be content in text, images, videos, infographics, among other formats. Make sure your content is easy to understand and well structured.

  5. Post frequently:Post content regularly to keep your audience engaged and engaged. You can schedule your posts to go live at specific times to reach as many people as possible.

  6. Measure success:Finally, measure the success of your content strategy. Use LinkedIn Analytics metrics to see how many people are viewing and engaging with your posts. Adjust your strategy based on the results and keep improving your content to meet the needs of your audience.

A channel for acquiring new customers

Due to the nature of LinkedIn, advertising can be directed to people who have the appropriate professional profile. If you are a company looking to do B2B business this is a very effective network.

Unlike other social networks, the type of segmentation is quite accurate when looking for specific roles and categories.




The management to give customer service through social networks is Important to engage and convert them into customers, both the comments, visible to everyone, and the messages.

The volume of customer conversations and interactions increases with growth. Eventually we can evolve to marketing platforms that consolidate all the interactions. 

The quality of customer service in each channel is vital to not lose an effective conversion.

If you currently do not have a team for social media support, we can do it for you. 

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