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Marketing on Facebook

and Instagram

At Simio Digital we offer the comprehensive design of a marketing strategy on social networks for Facebook and Instagram. We can classify the characteristics by their type of interaction:  

On Facebook, people can create a personal profile and add friends to see their posts and connect with them. They can also join discussion groups and events and use messaging tools to communicate with other people.

Instagram is a social network based on images and videos which launched in 2010. On Instagram, people can share photos and short videos and use different filters and effects to enhance them. They can also follow other people and see their posts in their home feed. Instagram also offers messaging tools and the option to share posts on other social networks.

Both platforms are part of the Meta products, a company that today is strongly committed to the Metaverse with its Oculus device.

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Strategy of


A content strategy on Facebook and Instagram it will guide your actions to achieve valuable business results. 


The content strategy for Facebook and Instagram should be a detailed plan that Include the types of posts, the frequency of posting, the tone and focus of the posts, as well as the target audience and business objectives. 

  1. Define your goals: What goals do we want to achieve in a tangible way with our efforts on Facebook and Instagram?

  2. We know your audience:We make sure we have a clear understanding of who your followers are and what interests them.

  3. We create a publication calendar:We plan in advance the type and frequency of publications on your social networks. 

  4. We use hashtags:Hashtags are a great way to reach a larger audience and make your posts easier to find. 

  5. Analysis and adjustment:We use analytics tools to assess content performance and adjust your strategy accordingly. Don't be afraid to try new things and change your approach if something isn't working.





The lifetime of photographs on Facebook or Instagram for advertising purposes is short, which is why a large amount of material is necessary, with quality and specific objectives aligned.

Maintaining a healthy ratio of price per photo to video capsule is key to profitable marketing.

We have the right equipment to give you the best value for your money.

If you already have a production team, we can work with them without increasing the scope of our service.

The ideal content


The contents on Instagram They should be short and concise Users often have limited attention span and consume content quickly. Generally, users prefer short and simple posts, so it is important to have a clear and concise message. The formats used are:

  1. Photos: Users can take and upload photos to their profile and share them with their followers. They can also edit and apply filters to your photos to improve your appearance.

  2. Videos / Reels: Instagram allows users record and share short videos, as well as links to videos of other platforms.

  3. instagram stories: These are temporarily available publications that are displayed at the top of the application and disappear after 24 hours. Users can share photos and videos in your stories and add elements as text and stickers to personalize them.

  4. hashtags– Users can use hashtags in their posts to make it easier to find content on Instagram and make their posts reach a wider audience.

  5. links: Instagram allows users to include links in their profiles and in their stories, which can be useful for sending followers to external websites or additional content.


Facebook allows share content with your friends and followers. Facebook users can post to your personal profile, in groups and on public pages dedicated to specific topics, the formats used are:

  1. text posts: With short messages written by users that can include links, images or hashtags.

  2. Photos. Share photos to your profiles, groups and Pages

  3. Videos / Reels: Short videos or links to videos from other platforms such as YouTube.

  4. Facebook Stories:Photo or video available 24 hours.

  5. links: Users can share links to external websites in their posts.

  6. events: Facebook allows users to create and promote events, such as concerts or parties, and allow other users to join and receive notifications about them.

  7. groups: Facebook allows users to join groups based on common interests or specific topics and participate in conversations and share content in them.

  8. pages: Facebook Pages are public profiles dedicated to specific topics, such as brands, artists, or public personalities. Users can follow and receive notifications of updates to Pages they follow.



Social Networks ?

The management to give customer service through social networks is Important to engage and convert them into customers, both the comments, visible to everyone, and the messages within the messaging platforms like Messenger.

The volume of customer conversations and interactions increases with growth. Eventually we can  evolve to marketing platforms that consolidate all interactions. 

The quality of customer service in each channel is vital to not lose an effective conversion.

If you currently do not have a team for social media support, we can do it for you. 


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